Quickstart Guide Android

Get Started with MindMapper for Android

Install the app

MindMapper for mobile is available for iOS and Android.You must install the app on your device by accessing Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

Launch the app

Tab on the MindMapper icon to launch the app.

Navigating the Mapping Screen

Map screen

Create and edit maps from this screen.

Creating a visual map

 Opening a map file

Map screen>OpenFile>Select from Mobile (local), Dropbox (cloud), or View Sample

Creating a new map

 Map screen>New Map > Enter file name, choose storage (local, cloud) and press OK to create.

Adding topics

Select the topic. Tab
button and enter text. Press return button to finish.

More options in adding topics

Adding a multiple topics

Select the topic. Long press button. Select Add multiple topics. Enter topics. Hierarchy can be established by inserting space.


Adding a sibling topic

Select the topic. Long press button. Select Add higher sibling or Add lower sibling. Higher or lower just means the placement of the topic above or below the selected topic.


Insert note for long paragraphs or sentences.


Insert an image to the topic from Gallery or Google Photos. You can also take a picture and insert the image.

Insert Hyperlink

Enter web URL to link a webpage.


Copy a topic and use the Paste menu to paste it.

Adding topics continuously

After adding a topic, click either Child or Sibling button to add child or sibling topic quickly.

Editing topics

Change topic text

Tap twice on the topic you want to edit and make changes.

Moving topics

Long press the topic you want to move. A gray dotted outlinewill    appear outside the topic. Do not let go of the finger and drag the topic to a destination topic by overlapping it. Placement makers will appear. Select the arrow where you want the topic to be placed.

Copy, paste, delete topics

Select the topic. Long press button. Select Copy. Go to the destination topic and long press button. Select Paste to add the copied topic.
To delete a topic, press button. And confirm Yes to delete the topic.

Cut and paste

Select the topic you want to cut. Long press button and select Cut. Go and select the topic where the cut topic will be pasted. Long press button and select Paste.

Add topic note

Select the topic. Long press button and select Note.

Add an image

Select the topic. Long press button and select Image. Select Camera to take a picture to useor Image to search for an image in your mobile device.

Designing the map

Tap the icon on the bottom left corner to view vertical and horizontal design menus.

Vertical design menus:

Horizontal design menus:

Saving your map


Save the currently working map. Tap file name on top> Select Save.

Save As

Save the file with different name. Tap file name on top> Tap Save As> Select storage method (local device or cloud).

Change name

Modify the name of the current map

Close without saving

Close the file without saving

Sharing your map

Send map as an image file


Planner integration is coming soon.

Some features require additional apps.

You must have Dropbox account and Dropbox app installed on your device.