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Welcome to the MindMapper program download page. After purchasing your license from our secure website, you can download your product below or just try our fully functional software for 30 days without any obligations. [ Buy now ]

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 Download ProductLast ModifiedSizeBuild No.
MindMapper V4.2 Professional - English 23-May-2005 24.0M 4.2.4012
MindMapper V4.2 Professional - German 24-May-2005 24.0M 4.2.4012
MindMapper V4.2 Professional - Dutch 24-May-2005 24.0M 4.2.4012
MindMapper V3.5 Professional - English 21-Jun-2005 17.2M 3.5.3818
MindMapper V3.5 Professional - German 21-Jun-2005 15.9M 3.5.3819
MindMapper V3.5 Professional - Dutch 21-Jun-2005 17.5M 3.5.3818
MindMapper Professional - Chinese
MindMapper Professional - Japanese 21-Jun-2005 21.3M 3.5.3818
MindMapper V3.5 Standard - English 12-May-2005 17.2M 3.5.3817
MindMapper V3.5 Standard - German 12-May-2005 15.9M 3.5.3819
MindMapper V3.5 Standard - Dutch 12-May-2005 17.5M 3.5.3817
MindMapper Standard - Chinese
MindMapper Viewer - English 01-Aug-2003 1.5M
MindMapper Jr. for Kids - English 24-Mar-2003 6.8M
MindMapper Jr. for Kids - German 14-Nov-2002 7.4M
MindMapper PDA 11-Feb-2004 178K
ImageMap for MM V3.5 23-Nov-2003 1.7M
ImageMap for MM V4.2 08-Nov-2004 2.8M
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System Requirement
  • Windows 98, 2000, XP, NT
  • Min 64MB RAM
  • Min 20MB free disk space
  • Min 800x640 display
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