See Your Thoughts Come to Life with MindMapper 21

Imagine a sprawling whiteboard that lets you see, customize, and connect every detail, idea, and schedule about your latest projects in business, life, and self-management.

Thst's MindMapper! We've completely updated our mind mapping software so you can keep planning, brainstorming and visualizing your next great project with beautifully designed custom mind maps!

Try MindMapper today for free! You'll have 30 days to see how this mind mapping software can streamline and simplify how you take notes, create ideas, and reach your goals, no matter what they are.

All New MindMapper 21 Is Here

Chart Your Course for Success with Custom Mind Maps

We believe that planning makes perfect. Having a clear and simple organizational tool will not only help you create better ideas, but it could help you take your planning, brainstorming and creativity to the next level.

Regardless of why you need our custom mind maps – be it studying for your next exam, conceptualizing an award-winning marketing campaign, or creating a realistic personal development plan – we’ll make sure that you can access your information no matter where you are thanks to our exceptional mind mapping software.


How to Get Started with MindMapper 21

Unlike other confusing organizational tools, our mind mapping software is surprisingly easy to use. These three steps remain the same regardless of your unique goal.

You can use the same software to explore your new novel idea, solve particularly frustrating problems, or discover ways to improve your business performance.

1. What’s in A Name?

Once you’ve opened MindMapper, you’ll need to create your first custom mind map. Start by giving it a short but simple name that clearly states the key idea or concept of this custom mind map.

2. Branch Out

You can start typing out the different topics, phases, or aspects of your project. Your custom mind map will automatically populate the spaces next to your core idea.

3. Organize with Ease

Once you’ve started growing your mind map, you can easily organize your ideas into a structure that makes sense to you. This custom mind map can be changed and updated throughout the course of your project, so let your creativity flow.


You’ve successfully created a custom mind map that will help you stay organized, be creative and present your ideas in a clear, professional and stylish way.

Using MindMapper will help you collaborate better thanks to being able to clearly communicate your goals or ideas, gain deeper insight into the finer details of your project, and share or access your information from anywhere, at any time.

Are you ready for an organizational tool that does the work for you?
Get MindMapper 21 today.

MindMapper 21 Is as Unique and Versatile as You Are.

Conceptualize Groundbreaking Ideas

Whether you’re starting a new business, writing a book, or fine-tuning your current business processes, MindMapper
helps you create and see your ideas in one stylishly designed custom mind map.
- Solve Problems
- Track Meetings
- Plan New Solutions

Visualize Your Information

Being able to logically and clearly see your information and the connections that bind them will help you present and
organize your plans and ideas effectively.
- Present information in a clear and professional way
- Get a 360-degree view of your ideas
- Organize your data on a revolutionary dashboard

Go with The Flow(chart)

You can streamline your processes, view different tasks, and solve important issues by using our custom mind maps to
create effective flowcharts that you can access and share from anywhere in the world.
- View and update your processes
- Create high-quality diagrams and flowcharts
- Simplify your auditing processes

Manage Your Projects Like a Pro

Thanks to our mind mapping software, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of your entire project, from start to finish. You can update,
monitor, fine-tune and launch your ideas by using our custom mind maps throughout every phase of your project.
- Plan with precision
- Schedule your deadlines or tasks
- Document your project progress

Learn Without Limits

Using a custom mind map could help you retain, understand and apply your knowledge while you learn. Our mind mapping
software allows you to not only learn in an effective way, but truly understand the key topics of your project.
-Review different topics or points
- Develop your ideas or solutions
- Take notes in a logical way

Management Made Easy

You have complete control over your custom mind map so that you can manage everything from your abstract ideas to your
actionable tasks and assets by only using one organizational tool.
- Share your information
- Track and assign your tasks
- Develop your personal and professional goals