3 Traits of the Best Workers

3tratisofbestworkerAre you looking to be the very best worker you can be? If that sounds like you, then these three traits will help you do just that and become the working superstar you’ve always wanted to be.

The first trait is that they take a look at the bigger picture before they start their projects or tasks. The second is that they discover and organize information by making clear connections and a hierarchy similar to a family tree. The third important trait is that they just keep going and with grit and determination until they have completed their work.

Thinking About the Big Picture
A true working superstar doesn’t start their work until taking a few steps back and taking in the bigger picture. They understand the task as a whole; including how their task relates to other tasks and the wider goal. This gives a new clarity to the task and shows them the real purpose of what they are doing. Jumping in headfirst and doing a job for the sake of completing it could decrease efficiency and effectiveness and bring down the quality of the final result. The only way to properly do your job is to understand why you are doing and how you’re making a difference. Even a small and seemingly insignificant task feels important when you consider the bigger picture.

Clearly Organizing Information
A great worker can find and organize information in a clear and logical fashion. It’s not enough to just gather information. It has to be there when you need it. It also involves organizing the foundations of the task in the correct order that they must be performed in. You need to clearly establish the relationship. Think of it like a family tree with clearly defined relationships. If you had a lot of information but it wasn’t organised properly, you’d just drive yourself insane trying to make sense of it all. Organisation increases productivity and makes your working life easier as a whole. So don’t just create information; organize it.

Grit and Determination
A working superstar implements their plan and sticks it out until the job is done. It doesn’t matter what happens, they keep on going with grit and determination. There’s no point to putting together a perfect plan if you then fail to implement it properly. What you need to remember is that if the first few steps aren’t right, then anything after that will be a meaningless waste of time. Start as you mean to go on. Create a solid plan and just carry on.

The great thing about these three traits is that they can be developed with a little help from apps and software like MindMapper.

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