5 Ways to Break Through Stagnation and Get Creativity Flowing Again

If creativity is essential to your line of work, nothing is worse professionally than a creative block. Use these five techniques to get energy and inspiration moving in positive directions again:

1. Take a Break

With deadlines looming, this might seem like the last thing you should do; however, taking time away from your projects can allow you to clear the slate and hit the reset button. Whether it’s spending an hour out in nature or a week’s vacation somewhere new, taking the pressure off can help you to get your creative energies flowing once again.

2. Refresh Your Work Area

Is your office, studio or workspace optimized for creativity? While everyone will define this differently, take stock of your current surroundings and make any necessary changes to foster creativity. New décor or rearranging the furnishings could be all that’s required for a fresh perspective.

At the very least, clear and organize any extraneous clutter that could be distracting you and blocking the flow of creative energy in your space. You might also try working somewhere different than you usually do, such as your home office, a coffee shop or a friend’s art studio.

3. Get Moving!

Exercise and other physical activity can also help to break through the stagnation of a creative block. Whether you do a power walk in the park, a yoga class or a leisurely stroll in the city, movement of any kind can make a positive difference in getting unstuck.

4. Mind Mapping

Mind mapping allows you to take a seed of inspiration from the idea phase to a fully-formed project map. You’ll often be drawn in unexpected directions you could not have planned for, and this is the essence of true creativity. Our MindMapper application makes the mind mapping process easier and more dynamic than ever before.

5. Turn Work Into Play

The looser and more fun it is to create, the less it will feel like work. Have regular brainstorming sessions in an informal setting. Provide pizza and beer to your creative team for Friday or weekend sessions. Making the process as informal and fun as possible takes the pressure off and can set the stage for creative genius.

Creativity often has a flow and a time frame all its own, but there are some things you can do to help coax it along during a dry spell. Use these five tips for minimizing creative blocks and optimizing innovation.

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