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Versatile mind mapping tool MindMapper meets Google Calendar.

Must have tool for quickly organizing thoughts.

Use Google Calendar to Its Fullest Potential.

Manage projects more effectively with bird’s-eye view of each project.

Collaborate Without Emails

Visually collaborate and set yourself free from accumulated inbox, unorganized work-in-progress documents, and endless meetings.

Main Benefits of Using MindMapper

Visual Thinking

Creative Thinking

Knowledge Mgmt

Bird's-Eye View


Clear Communication

Problem Solving


Commonly Used For


Generate new ideas, explore new possibilities, solve problems, make logical connections, and conveniently view information from different perspectives.

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Project Management

Manage projects from start to finish: initiate, define, plan, launch, execute, monitor, and close.

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Annual Plans

Set goals, milestones, objectives, and plan by referencing the past, present, and future activities along with detailed schedules to execute and accomplish.

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Define objectives, gather information, identify alternatives, make meaningful analysis, devise a plan of action, and implement using Gantt chart and built-in planner.

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Information Visualization

Gather and organize information in logical and visual structures for efficient archiving, access, sharing, distribution, and deletion.

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Note Taking

Simple and effective way to take good notes from meetings, lectures, conferences, consultations, and even one’s own thoughts. Organize these good notes visually to make great notes.

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Reduce meeting time, increase participation, share contents, gather ideas from all participants, and accelerate decision making.

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Capture and organize information in visual format to facilitate understanding, retaining, integrating, and applying what you have learned.

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Brainstorm, explore topics, develop and organize ideas, come up outlines and summaries to help you write essays, screen plays, thesis, dissertations and books.

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Available for PC and Mobile

Arena for PC

Business users with the
online collaboration module


Professional for PC

Power users without the
online collaboration module


Standard for PC

Individual users for basic
mind mapping


Mobile for iOS and Android

Quick and simple edits and note taking. Free for mind mapping In-app purchase for linking map with planner

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