How to Upgrade MindMapper 16 to MindMapper 17 for Free

If you have MindMapper 16, then you can upgrade to MindMapper 17 for free.

Upgrade Steps

1. Go to MindMapper purchase page and click Upgrade.

2. Select your item and click Add to basket. Upgrades from 16 to 17 are priced at $0.00.

3. You will be taken to current license verification page. You need the following information: license information and email address.

  • License information is found in the email that was sent to you when you first purchased the software.
    MindMapper 16 Professional / English Registration key-set:
    Name: Mind Mapper
    Serial No: 1234-12345-123456-123456789
  • Email address is found in the Registration Information page that shows up when you first purchased the software.

4. Enter your information.

5. Click Next to proceed and follow the instruction.

6. Once you have the license information, download the software from our website and activate the software.

7. If you can’t find you license or registered email address, please contact