What is MindMapper?

MindMapper is a mind mapping software developed by SimTech Systems.  The user can create a mind map and visual map with 23 different mapping layouts.  MindMapper also comes with eight brainstorming templates, Gantt chart and a built-in planner that syncs with Google Calendar.  Only in Korea is the software branded as Thinkwise (www.thinkwise.co.kr).  The first official commercial version was released in 1998; previously, it was developed and used as an in-house tool to help industrial simulation projects.

MindMapepr is the first mind mapping software to introduce the following innovations to digital mind mapping field.

  • Gantt chart integration for scheduling
  • MS Office integration for document exchange
  • Process tree for project management
  • 23 mapping layouts for different perspectives
  • Planner for implementation and execution
  • Dashboard for quick overview and access to information