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Take Charge of Your Ideas with a Mind Map

Ideas can be broken down into bite-sized pieces of information that can then be used for purposeful and results-oriented activities – including planning, brainstorming, and training. Deconstructing ideas and capturing meaningful information has never been easier than with a mind map. This software helps with memory-enhancing notetaking, enables you to document flashes of inspiration, and …

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How Mind Mapping Can Help You Develop Divergent Thinking

Good problem-solving skills are essential, allowing us to overcome obstacles and take the best course of action. This article will examine divergent thinking and how fostering divergent thinking can help develop your problem-solving skills. Then we will look at what mind mapping is and how it can help you become a more divergent thinker.

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Benefits of Mind Mapping

Imagine walking into your next project brainstorming meeting knowing you have a powerful tool to help the team visually and creatively design an effective solution. And once the project is defined and outlined, you and the team will have better success at implementing solutions quickly because you understand the aspects and tasks required. This scenario …

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Developing new habits can create major life changes in 2019

Each new year many of us come up with a list of resolutions that we are determined to follow through on. Some of us want to quit smoking, eat healthier, or exercise more often. No matter the resolution, however, the odds are against us keeping them for the entire year. According to the U.S. News …

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3 Steps to Mind Mapping

Over the years, mind mapping software has evolved from purely a mind mapping tool into a multi-faceted, multi-purpose visual mapping solution with limitless possibilities for use in many different applications and industries. Despite this evolution, the workflow associated with using mind mapping software remains the same. It still hinges on three basic factors: capturing, organizing, …

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