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How Mind Mapping Can Help You Develop Divergent Thinking

Good problem-solving skills are essential, allowing us to overcome obstacles and take the best course of action. This article will examine divergent thinking and how fostering divergent thinking can help develop your problem-solving skills. Then we will look at what mind mapping is and how it can help you become a more divergent thinker.

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3-Steps To Put Your Cluttered Mind In Order With A Mind Map

Mind is a creative, multidimensional, imagination factory that cranks out limitless thoughts instantly, continuously, consciously, and even subconsciously. There is at least one thought striving for attention on your mind. As humans, such a process is a natural mind activity. Nevertheless, if not managed efficiently, your mind will subconsciously make you feel that you have …

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Visual Thinking with MindMapper

A study by the University of California, San Diego revealed that the average US citizen consumes 100,500 words via email, Social Networks or a myriad of other digital methods. This content overload often leaves us feeling like we are drowning in an unprecedented deluge of data. Modern society now firmly resides in the digital age …

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