Changes made in 2016 and to be made in 2017

Changes that were made in 2016

License Format Change

License format changed from 4-field to 2-field for MindMapper 16.   However, versions below 16 will still have a 4-field license format.  The new license format does not include an email address and the registration number is added to the serial number.

MindMapper TWDX file format can be uploaded to be shared with other MindMapper users worldwide from , an online mind map library website based in UK.  You can also download MindManager and Freemind files from Biggerplate as MindMapper can read these file formats.

Mobile iOS In-App Purchase

In-app purchase for iOS app was introduced 2016 year.  The in-app purchase buys an unlimited linking of mind maps to built-in planner that integrates with Google Calendar.  Using the mind map and planner independently without linking is free.

YouTube Channel

We have uploaded more tutorial videos this year than in the past.  Subscribe to SimTech MindMapper channel and let us know if there are any topics that you’d like us to cover in the future videos.

MindMapper USB Shipping

MindMapper 16 USB will no longer ship outside of the US.


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