the need for collaboration

For organizations to remain competitive during times of rapid upheaval, they must take advantage of the power of collective, creative output. At SimTech, we know that organizations are significantly more competitive when they have team leaders who regularly communicate with and empower their staff to share their brilliant ideas.

Although many institutions and companies have created systems to support collaboration, they all suffer from the same problems:

They show a bias towards left-brained user interfaces, such as text and bulletin boards

It is challenging to understand how an individual’s work aligns with the overall objectives

Separate programs must be used to reclassify work or change structures

Meeting minutes must be managed outside of the system

Someone has to gather the data, organize, and compile it for related reports and proposals

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Mindmapper is revolutionizing collaboration

MindMapper is an innovative collaboration system that allows entire teams to unpack and process everything from brainstorming sessions, planning, role sharing, meetings, and data research to reporting.

By using MindMapper, teams can:

getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

1) Upload a shareable map

2) invite participants to join your workspace

3) start collaborating


  1. MindMapper 21 Arena (Windows) edition
  2. Internet access

NOTE: An on-premises collaboration server can be deployed for teams. Please contact our sales for more details.

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2) invite participants to join your workspace
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3) Start collaborating

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