SimTech MindMapper is a versatile and powerful mind mapping software that facilitates visual thinking to achieve creativity, efficiency, and productivity at work, home, and school. Software is developed by a talented team of creative and visual thinkers at SimTech Systems based in Seoul, South Korea.

Witnessing firsthand the benefits of the MindMapper, the in-house program was redeveloped as commercial product and was released to general public in January of 1998. Since then, it has sold over a million units over 80 different countries with customers ranging from multinational conglomerates and governments to educational institutions and militaries. To better serve our customers worldwide, SimTech USA, currently located in Irvine, California, was established in 2004.

MindMapper is unique in that the founder of the company is an expert visual mapper and the program was built to reflect the core benefits of not only the mind mapping but also the visual mapping to help users and companies become more productive and creative. In addition, it has introduced some of the key standards of mind mapping software today such as exporting to MS Office for sharing information, integrating Gantt chart for scheduling, online collaboration for working together, and powerful graphics editor for visual mapping.

It is the only program to have integrated planner to help users manage schedule better. By linking the schedule from the planner to map, users can view schedule in the context of linked map, providing them the meaning and significance of that schedule. This linking of map and planner will help users create ideas, organize information, and implement plans more effectively.

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