Yes, MindMapper will allow you to open MindManager files.

  1. Go to file and select Open. Select MindManager Files .mmp and .mmap (Note: MindMapper 17 Standard version does not support this feature).
    If you try to open the .mmp file by double clicking on the file, by default, it will try to look only for the MindManager Program.
  2. Select your .mmp or .mmap file.
  3.  Your .mmp or .mmap file should now be open in MindMapper.

Note that imported MindManager file may need some rearrangments as some formats are not supported 100% in MindMapper.

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The only difference is that the Professional version does not have collaboration module.   Other than that the both are identical.

Please reference the product comparison chart.

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Academic license is available to students and staff at educational institutions. Verification form such as a scanned student ID or sending us an email with .edu is needed to determine eligibility.  The academic version is $39.

MindMapper 16 Academic is the same edition as the MindMapper 16 Arena.

If you are interested MindMapper 16 Academic, send us an email at sales@mindmapper.com from .edu email address or with a scanned student ID.  Once we verify eligibility, we’ll send you the purchase link.

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PDF-XChange 4 installs with MindMapper 17 Arena so that MindMapper file can convert to PDF. PDF-XChange 4 remains in trial mode until convert to PDF command is invoked, in which time, the PDF-XChange 4 turns to licensed mode.

You cannot directly print to PDF-XChange 4 from Print menu.  If you do it will create a watermark on your PDF document.

You must use the Save As menu: File>Save As>PDF File>PDF

Convert MindMapper map to PDF file

> Convert MindMapper map to PDF file

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Each MindMapper license is a “User” based license which allows the user to install and use MindMapper on multiple computers with the following conditions:

– The user must be the owner of all the computers
– The user must be the primary user of all the computers
– The user must not share MindMapper with other users

Given these conditions, a user may install and use MindMapper on multiple computers, such as a laptop and a desktop at home and work.

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MindMapper 17 is the latest version.  It was released in June, 2017.

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MindMapper 16 for PC and USB run on Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).  Unfortunately, MindMapper 16 does not support Mac or Linux.

MindMapper mobile app is available for Android and iOS.

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MindMapper is a mind mapping software developed by SimTech Systems.  The user can create a mind map and visual map with 23 different mapping layouts.  MindMapper also comes with eight brainstorming templates, Gantt chart and a built-in planner that syncs with Google Calendar.  Only in Korea is the software branded as Thinkwise (www.thinkwise.co.kr).  The first official commercial version was released in 1998; previously, it was developed and used as an in-house tool to help industrial simulation projects.

MindMapepr is the first mind mapping software to introduce the following innovations to digital mind mapping field.

  • Gantt chart integration for scheduling
  • MS Office integration for document exchange
  • Process tree for project management
  • 23 mapping layouts for different perspectives
  • Planner for implementation and execution
  • Dashboard for quick overview and access to information
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