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Activating MindMapper License

MindMapper Software Activation


Automatic Activation

When you launch MindMapper for the first time, you will see an activation window appear, prompting you to enter license information.  

Activation Window


Depending on the type of license key you have entered, you will be prompted to enter either an Email address or a name that came with your license information.  

We highly recommend that you copy and paste the license information into the activation fields (License Key and  Email or Name).  If you are having trouble with automatic activation, please contact us for help.

Manual Activation

Get in touch if you cannot activate your license because your firewall or network security policy won’t allow your computer to connect with the MindMapper server.  The below image is a typical firewall error message. 

activation firewall error


Trial Mode

You can try fully functional MindMapper for 30 days. Click the Free Trial button when prompted to enter your license information. You will see how many days are left of the trial period next time you open MindMapper.

Viewer Mode

MindMapper automatically switches to viewer mode when the 30-day trial period expires. You cannot save, print, or export in viewer mode; however, you can still open and view MindMapper files.  


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