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Activation failure due to invalid registration

Activation Failure

“Activation failed due to invalid registration information” is the most frequently asked activation failure question.  

There are a few things to check before contacting us for help.  

  • Ensure that the version and edition of MindMapper you have installed on your machine matches the one on the license email.
  • Ensure that the license information you have entered matches exactly the ones provided to you in the license email. The best way to avoid any mistakes is to copy and paste.

When you are sure that you have entered the correct license information, but keep getting the activation failure message, contact us with the screen capture of the (1) filled-out activation window along with the (2) error message right beside it. Also, make sure to include the (3) version and edition of MindMapper, which is on top of the screen.

Failure error with serial license key.

invalid registration serial

Failure error with alphanumeric license key

invalid registration alphanumeric

Note that some license keys have a serial number or alphanumeric key. And depending on the key, you will be prompted to enter either an email address or a name.  


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