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How to create a project map to keep you organized

A project map is a map with schedules that are linked to the planner so that schedules are updated dynamically either from the map or the planner.

Step 1: Register a map as a project map

Click on the Project Map sidebar tab. Enter your Google Account email address and click Connect. Please note that the schedules from the map will sync to Google Calendar, so you have to have Google Calendar for this to work.

Step 2: Allow MindMapper to access Google Drive and Google Calendar

This permission is needed for MindMapper to create, edit, and delete MindMapper maps and schedule items.

Step 3: Your Project Map window should be active after Google Account login

Go to the bottom of the Project Map window and click Add. Then select either Local or Google Drive to search for the map file. Select the map file and click Open. The example below shows adding a map file from a local computer.

Step 4: Confirm successful project map registration

When you have successfully registered your map as a project map, the name of the map file will appear in the Project Map window.

Also, the map file name should appear in the dashboard Project window. Finally, all the schedules from the map will appear in the calendar section of the dashboard.

Step 5: Open the planner in split screen view

See the map and the planner together in split screen view to get a visual bird’s-eye view of the map and the planner. Click on the split screen view icon from the quick access toolbar in the top left corner.

Double-click the project map to open.

Schedules from the map will match up with calendar schedules.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can edit schedule items from the Week view only. Additionally, the Today view will display the Week view since MindMapper does not support the Today view.

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