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Use Paste Link option to embed and link objects

Paste Link

The Paste Link option is used to embed and link objects between two different applications.  

  1. Copy the source
  2. Select a topic where you want to place the copied source as a subtopic
  3. Right-click on the topic 
  4. Make sure to check Paste Link: Paste Options> Paste Special> Paste link
  5. Click OK to complete embedding and linking an object on a MindMapper map

Source (Excel spreadsheet range)

Paste source file v2


Target (MindMapper subtopic of Quarterly Sales Report)

Paste Special

MindMapper allows Object Linking and Embedding, which means that you can dynamically link files between two different applications. In MindMapper, this feature is extensively used for linking Excel spreadsheets within a MindMapper map file.

For example, you can copy a range of cells from an Excel spreadsheet. And by using the Paste Link option, you can embed it in the MindMapper map. When you click on the pasted Excel range, it will open the Excel spreadsheet. The best part is that when you update the Excel spreadsheet, the embedded Excel range will also be updated.

This feature is handy when you have a map with Excel data that needs to be updated whenever the original Excel file has been modified.


Note:  This dynamic update does not work if the source file is stored in the cloud. The source file must be accessible from the local computer. So, if your Excel file is in OndDrive (cloud), then the link from MindMapper won’t be dynamic.  


Object Linking and Embedding


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