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Planner Screen

The planner screen of the mind processor MindMapper has the same basic concept and function as the general planner, except that there is no detailed screen by date. It consists of three screens: weekly, monthly, and yearly, and actual schedule editing and management are done on the weekly planner screen.

The planner screen consists of weekly, monthly, and annual planners, and the actual schedule is edited and managed on the weekly planner screen. For each day of the week, you can make the previous day’s schedule, appointments, and notes related to that day.

Week Screen

Planner Screen

[Schedule]: You can register and manage a total of 3 schedules in detail.

  • Full-Day: Register a schedule that runs all day or multiple days.
  • Appointment: Register a schedule with a set start time and end time on a specific day.
  • Memo: Register the content to the memo on a specific day.

[Change Weeks]: You can move to the previous week or the following week using the left and right arrows.

[Change planner unit]: Change the planner unit to weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Month Screen

MindMapper Monthly Screen

Year Screen

MindMapper Year Screen

You can also switch the screen through the Weekly / Monthly / Yearly screens in the [Plan] tab [Planning] group.

Plan Tab Screen Menus

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