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Quick Start Guide

How to Get Started with MindMapper

Unlike other organizational tools, MindMapper is surprisingly easy to use.  These three steps remain the same regardless of your unique goal. You can use it to explore your novel idea, solve particularly frustrating problems, or discover ways to improve your business performance.

What’s In A Name?

Once you’ve opened MindMapper, you’ll need to create your first mind map. Start by giving it a short but simple name that clearly states the key idea or concept of this custom mind map.

Branch Out

You can start typing out the different topics, phases, or aspects of your project. Your custom mind map will automatically populate the spaces next to your core idea.

Organize with Ease

Once you’ve started growing your mind map, you can easily organize your ideas into a structure that makes sense to you. This custom mind map can be changed and updated throughout the course of your project, so let your creativity flow.

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