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Quick Start Guide for Android App

Get Started with MindMapper for Android

1. Install the app

MindMapper Android app is available for download from Google Play Store. Search for MindMapper.

2. Launch the app

Tab on the MindMapper icon to launch the app.

3. Google Calendar and Drive access permission:

MindMapper planner syncs with Google Calendar and maps can be saved to Google Drive. When installing the app, please allow access to Google Calendar and Drive.

Navigating the Mapping Screen

Map screen

You can create, organize, edit, format, change layouts, and add properties to your map from this screen.

Planner Screen

Add or edit All Day, Appointment, and Memo entries in the planner.

Planner syncs with Google Calendar and Memo entries are placed in the All Day event slots in Google Calendar.


Mapping Essentials

Change HomeMap

When you launch the MindMapper app, it will open Home Map called My Map. If you want to change this, you can go to the Setting and select a different map.

Open a Map

Menu icon> Open file> Select either Mobile or Google Drive> Select a file to open

Open a New Map

Menu icon> New map> Enter file name> Select save destination (Mobile or Google Drive)

Add a Topic

Select the topic and press the + button to add a new topic.

Long Press + Button for More Options
  • Add multiple topics: Add multiple topics at once.
  • Add higher sibling: Sibling topic is placed on top of the selected topic.
  • Add lower sibling: Sibling topic is placed below the selected topic.
  • Copy: Copy topic.
  • Paste: Paste copied topic.
  • Edit: Edit topic, insert note and image, hyperlink web address, image, and other MindMapper files.
Add Topics Continuously

After adding a topic using the + button, click the child or sibling button as highlighted in the image below to add topics much faster.

Delete Topic

Select the topic to delete. Press the – button to delete the topic.

Long Press – Button for More Options
  • Delete without Sub-Topics: Delete the selected topic but keep the subtopics.
  • Cut: Cut the topic and paste it somewhere else.
  • Remove Legend: Remove the legend icon from the topic.
  • Remove Note: Remove note from the topic.
  • Remove Hyperlink: Remove hyperlink from the topic.
  • Remove Shape: Remove shape from the topic.
  • Remove Background Color: Remove background color from the topic.
  • Remove Image: Remove image from the topic.
Move Topics

Long press the topic you want to move. A gray dotted outline will appear outside the topic. Do not let go of the finger and drag the topic to a destination topic by overlapping it. Placement makers will appear. Select the arrow where you want the topic to be placed.

Designing the map

Tap the MM icon on the bottom left corner to view vertical and horizontal design menus.

Saving Your Map

Press the file name on the top center of the map to open a menu such as save, map style, and send.

  • Send: Send map as an image file to different apps such as email, messenger, Facebook, Kakao Talk, and so on.
  • Map color style: Select a predefined map style.
  • Delete: Delete the map permanently.
  • Save: Save the map.
  • Save as: Save the map with a different name.
  • Close without Saving: Close the map without saving it.

Planner Essentials

MindMapper planner is comprised of 3 schedule types: All Day, Appointment, and Memo. Only the appointment entry will have start and end times. You can add, delete, or edit entries from Today, Week, or Month view.

Add Schedule from Today View

From today’s view, press the + button in each schedule type to add an entry. The all-day event can also be a highlight event or an idea in the MindMapper planner. Enter the event title and select the start and end date for the event. If you need to add a detailed schedule for this event, then press the Edit button and start adding more information.

  • Schedule: Change schedule type to All Day, Appointment, or Memo.
  • Date: Select start and end date range.
  • Description: Brief description of the event.
  • Reminder: Set reminders for the event.
  • Repeat: Set recurrence parameter.
  • Legend: Add legend mark to schedule entry.
  • Hyperlink: Add a hyperlink to a web address.
  • Font color: Set font color.
  • Background color: Set background color.
  • Completed: Check the box if the event has been completed.
Add Schedule from Week View

Press an empty slot and you will see + sign appear. Press the + sign to enter schedule information.

Adding Schedule from Month View

Select a day and press it. You will see today’s view so that you can edit schedule entries for that day.


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