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Tools for implementing


  • Implement and manage the schedule with the planner.
  • After capturing and organizing thoughts using the mapper, you can effectively implement scheduled events with the built-in planner.
  • Scheduled events from the map sync with the planner.
  • Conveniently, the planner also syncs with Google Calendar.

Month View

planner monthly

Week View


Map and Planner View

split screen

Planner and Google Calendar

The planner syncs to Google Calendar.


Get a bird’s-eye view of current projects, month calendar, today’s schedule, and reminders. There should be an image in the center that reflects your vision or dream so that you can be reminded of it every time you access the dashboard. Ultimately, it is the vision that motivates you to act.


Gantt Chart

Use the Gantt chart to schedule your projects. Track activities and completion rate. You can also define and assign resources which can be shown in the Gantt chart resource pane. Gantt chart gives you an overview of scheduled activities. Each of these activities with a schedule can then be executed in detail using the planner.

gantt chart

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