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Tools for Organizing

Organizing ideas into a meaningful structure is very important as it can reveal new insights and perspectives. Adding logic, relationships, different mapping layouts, charts, themes, and images can greatly facilitate clear thinking and coherent information for solutions and references. Inherent to MindMapper is the versatility of mapping out information in many different ways in simple and easy steps.

Affinity Diagram

The affinity diagram is a technique used to group scattered ideas, opinions, or issues into relevant categories or themes. It’s a great way to sort through a large amount of information. Grouping scattered topics or sticky notes within MindMapper is very easy. Select the topics. Then hold down the shift key and click on the blank background.

Affinity Diagram

Tree Diagram

A tree diagram or tree structure is very useful in representing hierarchical order. It is also used to break down ideas into bits and pieces. In project management, a tree diagram can be used to come up with a work breakdown structure (WBS).

rightward tree

Process Map (High-Level Process Map: SIPOC)

Process map outlines the detailed workflow of processes for clear understanding and analysis to work in conjunction with a high-level process map that only outlines major processes, activities, or tasks.

Process Map

Process Planning

This type of diagram is best used for visually laying out activities with time progression. The structure may seem like just another tree diagram; however, it is designed to display the directional flow of tasks and time. Some examples might include projects that have phases, processes, milestones, or stages.

Process Tree


Flowchart makes it simple and easy to understand and communicate often complicated processes and information. Flowchart is used in many different fields such as manufacturing, computer science, research, and project management.


Organization Chart

The purpose of this chart is to display the structure of an organization in terms of personnel and departments. It gives a quick overview of the makeup and hierarchical relationships within the organization.

Org Chart

Interrelationship Diagraph (Relations Diagram)

It’s a cause-and-effect diagram that shows all interrelated relationships or factors. A list of ideas exploring an issue can be written down enclosed in shapes. Evaluate each idea and see if it influences other ideas. If it does an outgoing arrow can be drawn. Analysis can be done to see major cause (outgoing arrows) and effect (incoming arrows) of the issue.

Interrelationship Diagraph

Concept Map

A concept map is a graphical diagram of knowledge that breakdown general concept into related and more detailed concepts or ideas. It’s usually in hierarchical format with links that have words or phrases describing the relationships.

concept map

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