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Tools for Sharing


  • Remote location
  • Real or delayed-time participation
  • Gather everyone’s thoughts and opinions
  • Status update
  • Training manual
  • Manage and drive project
  • Online voting
  • Online chatting
  • Central access point for data (attachments, hyperlinks)
  • Create meeting report in Word document
  • Conduct group brainstorming sessions
  • On-premises collaboration server available

collaboration map

Generate custom URL

Generate a custom URL for your map to be viewed by anyone with a Flash-enabled internet browser. A map will be available for 10 days online and then deleted.



Convert to MS Office

Exchange and share information with MS Office applications. The map can be exported to and imported from the MS Office documents. Export: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Outlook Tasks, OneNote Import: Word, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook

map to word

Save map in different formats

Save map in different file formats to fit your needs. A variety of different formats offer many options to share maps with others. Following are formats that can be saved with Arena and Pro versions of MindMapper:
PDF, SVG, XPS, JPG, PNG, BMP, EMF, GIF, TIF, XML, RTF, TXT, EPUB, webpage, HTML image map, and, older MindMapper files.

map to pdf

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