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How do I upgrade from MindMapper 17 to MindMapper 21?

Upgrading from MindMapper 17 to MindMapper 21.

Upgrading from MindMapper 17 to MindMapper 21 is free. Go to the Pricing page and click on Upgrades or follow this link to the upgrade page.


Keep in mind that you can only upgrade to the same edition of your current version. For example, if you have MindMapper 17 Pro, then you can only upgrade to MindMapper 21 Pro.

Have your current MindMapper 17 serial number ready so that you can enter it into the license key field. Also, enter the email address you used to purchase MindMapper 17. If you do not have your license information, please contact support.

Note: Make sure to include the dashes of your serial number in the License Key field: xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx

Current Key Validation

Follow the prompts and enter your billing information. Towards the bottom, you will need to provide an email address. Note that this email address will be part of your new license. Most importantly, transaction details, including the license and receipt, are sent here.

email address

After completing the upgrade, you will receive an email with the license information, which includes: License Key and License Email.


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