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The Versatility of a Mind Map

The Versatility of a Mind Map

mind map consists of a central topic that features branches to related subtopics (in a radial format). The image below is of a traditional mind map and visually demonstrates how our brains naturally process and synthesize information. In a word, human beings think in multi-dimensional, associative, and divergent ways.

WBS and Activity Sequence

It is important to note that this conventional layout can be adjusted to meet your visual mapping requirements by the simple click of a button. In what follows, you will see a few examples of mind maps that assume different layouts and have different applications. On that note, one of the main benefits of using mind mapping software is that it facilitates virtually any application, just by changing the layout.

  • DownWard Mind Map

    • Organization Chart
    • Comparison Chart
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Rightward Mind Map

    • Issue Tree (Logic Tree)
    • General Information
  • Process Tree

  • Fishbone (Root Cause, Ishikawa Diagram)

  • Timeline

  • Visual Charts



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