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MindMapper is a mind mapping software for personal, professional, and academic success

MindMapper visual mapping software is an essential tool for anyone who wants to quickly organize their thoughts and ideas. With its easy-to-use interface,MindMapper makes it easy to create comprehensive mind maps that can be used for brainstorming, decision making, and project management. MindMapper is also an incredibly powerful productivity tool, as it allows users to track their progress on projects and tasks, and share mind maps with others for collaboration. Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or just someone who wants to be more organized and productive, MindMapper is the perfect solution.


By using MindMapper, you can ensure a continuous flow of ideas, structure your thoughts as they emerge, and link seemingly divergent topics to gain a new perspective. Through an issue tree, you can form hypotheses, analyze problems, and evaluate proposed solutions.  

Inspire, Dare, Create
Capture, Analyze, Decide
Conceptualize, Visualize, Stimulate
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Study, Experience, and Practice
Acquire, Retain, and Teach
Gain New Insights and New Perspectives
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Memorize, retain information, and deconstruct complex ideas more effectively just by mapping. Acquire new insights, perspectives, and understanding through visually taking notes, adding relationships, and creating rich context.  


Manage information, projects, and meetings simply and effortlessly by using dashboards, hyperlinks, and schedule.  Run productive meetings that ends on time, complete critical projects without stress, and accumulate knowledge for growth.  

Research, Gather, and Organize
Initiate, Execute, and Complete
Set, Implement, and Achieve
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Prepare, Run, and Engage
Collaborate, Clarify and Cooperate
Inform, Persuade, and Captivate
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Ensure there’s alignment between your objectives and actions, and communicate with clarity and focus by using a graphic layout of a map. To share information with a wider audience, you can use collaboration, export to MS Office, PDF,  and even ePUB.  

So, how can we help?

MindMapper stimulates creativity, productivity, and drives success by combining the benefits of mind mapping with a planner.


Brainstorm, gather a diversity of thoughts and then select and develop the best options by using built-in brainstorming templates. Even without the templates, the mapping process naturally induces brainstorming.

Problem Solving

After finding the root cause of an issue, you can explore possible solutions and turn abstract and ambiguous theories into concrete and targeted actions.

Project Management

With versatile mapping layouts, you can easily create WBS, RBS, and project network diagrams, set priorities, collaborate with team members, allocate resources, schedule tasks, enhance communication processes, and view projects from both a micro and macro level.


You can run highly effective, efficient, and productive meetings. Never stray from the agenda, increase participant engagement, and get everyone on the same page quickly.


Want to collaborate in real-time? Through our collaboration portal, you can store and access information from a central location and give users permission to edit content or update a map.


After developing your story, character, and theme, you can research, embed hyperlinks, create outlines, and add structure over time. By mapping ideas, you can gain a high-level overview, add, or remove content based on your unfolding ideas, and then export your map to MS Word, text, or EPUB.


By referring to different branches or dashboards of your map, you can manage both the business and practice sides of coaching. Review your sessions, progress, and updates to enhance client engagement and reinforce accountability, or create and share coaching development plans.


Reverse-engineer a problem by starting with the end goal and identifying what needs to happen to achieve it. By viewing each step at the macro and micro level, you can develop your ideas, research, analyze, and create a course of action to bring your plan to life.


You can even map out and execute your life plan. Jot down ideas as they arise, take notes on your recurring desires and goals, and make profound connections to live life on your own terms and avoid regret.

Chart Your Course for Success with MindMapper

Since our software was launched in 1998, our team at SimTech MindMapper have seen its transformative impact and know that planning makes perfect. Having a clear and simple organizational tool will not only help you to come up with better ideas, but also take your planning, brainstorming, and creativity to the next level.

Whether you are studying for your next exam, conceptualizing an award-winning marketing campaign, or creating a personal development plan, we can help you to structure ideas, learn, communicate, and manage processes.

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