MindMapper 21 for Windows

Three-in-One: Map, Dashboard, Planner

Engage the Whole Brain

Tap into both your inner logistician and creative, big-picture thinker by mapping out ideas and using the planner to take action. Thanks to MindMapper, you can combine ideation with implementation to successfully plan, execute, and achieve your goals.  

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Project Management

ManAge Projects Like a Pro

Brainstorm, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects. Schedule and prioritize tasks, assign resources, and mange meetings. At a glance, you can see the “big picture” and drill down to the project activities. Then, you can use the built-in planner to take decisive action.

Not only does MindMapper enable you to collaborate and keep everyone on the same page, you can store and access documents and files in a central location.

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Generate and Capture Ideas

With its intuitive user interface and brainstorming templates – including radiant association, attribute listing, and root-cause analysis – MindMapper offers an ideal solution to foster creativity, innovation, and transform problem solving.


SWOT Analysis Sample Map
Ideation Menu


Organize Information for Clarity

Mapping is one of the easiest and quickest ways to absorb and share information. After gathering ideas, add structure, logic, and visual elements to convey information in easy-to-understand ways.


Organize Product Windows


Work Together Remotely

You will marvel at the level of engagement and productivity that come out of real-time visual mapping collaborations. This is the simplest, quickest, and most powerful way to tap into your team’s collective strengths. Now, you can conduct group brainstorming sessions, run meetings, and identify project milestones all within the same workspace.

Basic Features

Features in Action

More Features

based on MindMapper 21 Arena edition

Mapping Direction

30 different mapping directions, from hand drawn to problem-solving Fishbone to time-based process tree. Find new perspectives by viewing information in different layouts.


Maximize efficiency and improve communication by conducting collaboration meeting in visual layout where all attendees can participate and edit in real-time.

Export to MS Office

Exchange information by converting maps to MS Office documents (First to introduce this feature in 2000).

Hyperlinks and Attachments

Use the built-in Gantt chart to view view and edit schedule, resource, and completion rate.

Tags and Filter

Use text labels to categorize topics for classification. Apply conditions to filter and display topics on the map.

Presentation Mode

Create presentation slides with a click of a button. Present as slides or as highlighted topics. You can also select and order which slides to show.

Boundary Topic

Add topics to a boundary, effectively creating a whole new map.


Set a password so that no one can gain access to your information-sensitive map.

Split & Consolidate

When one of the topics gets too big, you can split the map into a new map. When needed, you can add the topic back to its original spot.

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