MindMapper combines a versatile mind mapping software with a convenience of a planner and bird's-eye view of a dashboard,
creating a perfect mind mapping software that will help you become more creative, achieve goals and manage schedule effectively.

 Products  OS  Planner Type  Collaboration Remarks
 MindMapper for PC  Windows  Sync to Google Calendar  Arena, Professional,
Standard, Academic
 No Mac OS
 MindMapper for USB  Windows  Sync to Google Calendar  Professional  No  US Only
 MindMapper for Mobile  iOS, Android  Sync to Google Calendar  Free and In-app  No  Limited features

3-in-1 Mind Mapping Software: Mind Map, Dashboard, Planner

Create and organize information using the mind mapping workspace. Assign schedule to topics and view it in the Gantt chart.
Link map to planner or planner events to map. Use the dashboard to manage and access linked maps and the planner.


Dashboard is bird’s-eye view of my past, present and future activities

Mind Map

A mind map is a project blueprint that facilitates ideation and organization

Use mind map to think, create, and organize information in visual format. Here you can edit maps,
add hyperlink and attachments, brainstorm, and collaborate.


The Planner is a time management tool that fosters project execution.

This is where you can add schedule items: all day events,
appointments, and important memos. You can connect schedule items to any project maps.

Key Features

Variety of Mapping Directions

23 different mapping directions, from hand drawn style to problem-solving Fishbone to time-based process tree (world’s first).
Find new perspectives by viewing information in different layouts.

Collaboration for Business Users

Maximize efficiency and communication by conducting collaboration meeting in visual format where all attendees can participate and edit in real-time.

Export to MS Office

Exchange information by converting maps to MS Office files (First to introduce this feature in 2000).

Gantt Chart

Use built-in Gantt chart to view schedule, resources and completion rate.

Hyperlinks and Attachments

Visually build a map to manage files by using hyperlinks and attachments. You can view all hyperlinks/attachments or convert them from hyperlinks to attachments and vice versa.

Edit map in PC, Android, and iOS

Map created in the PC will show exactly in the mobile app (iOS and Android), and you can edit it as well. Use the map note feature which enables you to take quick notes in the linear format and convert it into mind map.


Be more productive by managing schedule and time with the built-in planner. Planner syncs to Google Calendar for convenience.


Quickly access project maps, planner, and shortcuts to websites and applications.

Tags and Filter

Use text labels to categorize topics for classification. Apply conditions to filter and display topics in the map.

Presentation Mode

Create presentation slides with a click of a button. Present as slides or as highlighted topics. You can also select and order which slides to show.

Boundary Topic

Add topics to a boundary line, effectively creating a whole new map.


Set a password so that no one can gain access to your information sensitive map.

Local Centering

Focus on a particular topic by hiding all other topics in the map. When done, unhide to show the entire map once again.

Split and Consolidate

When one of the topics gets too big, you can split the map as a new map. When needed, you can add the topic back to its original spot.

New Features

Added more convenience

1. Rearranged most frequently used home menu and unified overall menu colors

2. Frequently used menu is accessible from the topic

3. Preview the rolled up topics without clicking the branch connector to roll down

Much Differentiated Mind Mapping Software

1. World’s first smart planner that combines ideation and implementation

2. Split screen that enables you to view map and planner together so that you can see and manage the big picture and schedule

3. Plan and manage your life with integrated master map, vision, life plan, annual plan, and diary

Strengthened Sharing and Collaboration Features

1. Integrated schedule management with Google

2. Save and store maps to Google Drive so that you can open it from anywhere with any devices

  • Google provides free 15 G storage space

3. Improved collaboration

  • Improved stability and speed
  • Improved invite UI when organizing a collaboration meeting
  • Copying a hyperlink to another collaboration will copy the hyperlinked file
  • NAS file server support for on-premises collaboration (coming very soon)