Mind Map

All the benefits of mind mapping in the palm of your hand. Generate ideas, organize them in to logical structures, and assign schedule and priorities.


Capture flashing ideas with ease. You can even take pictures and add them to the map to get inspirations. Dont' let the eureka moment pass you by.


Take quick notes from meetings, lectures, and conferences. You can also take note in the linear format and convert it to a mind map.

Mapping Directions

MindMapper is the only mobile app to supprot variety of different mapping directions so that ideas can be viewed in different directional flow and find new relationships.


Link schedules from the mind map to the planner so that your plans can be implemneted daily from the planner. Planner syncs to Google Calendar.

Roll Up/Down

Roll up topics to save valuable space especially for the smart phones. For big maps, we recommend transferring it to PC.

MindMapper Mobile for iOS / iPad