MindMapper for Windows

Generate ideas, organize information, and implement plans with MindMapper 17. You can use the built in brainstorming templates to unleash your creativity or simply use the mind map to capture ideas instantly. With many mapping directional flows, you can view information from different angles and make new associations. Topics can be moved around the map easily. You can even have multiple maps within a map. Powerful and versatile graphics editor allow you to add graphical elements, schedule, files, notes, boundary, flowchart, hyperlink, themes, OLE object and more to organize information and schedule. Export map to different graphical formats, URL, or to MS Office. Link schedules from the map to the planner so that activities can be easily tracked and accomplished on a daily basis.

Main Benefits of Using MindMapper

Visual Thinking

Creative Thinking

Knowledge Mgmt

Bird's-Eye View


Clear Communication

Problem Solving


Arena and Professional editions are basically the same program except that Professional does not have collaboration module.
Collaboration is geared toward business users for team collaboration, project management, and meetings.
Learn more about collaboration for business.
Main Features Product Type Arena Professional Standard
Price (US$) 249 120 100
Users Business Mind Mappers Power Mind Mappers Casual Mind Mappers
OS Windows Windows Windows
 Collaboration  Yes  No  No
 Presentation  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Save as  Full  Full  Limited
 Export and Import  Full  Full  Limited
 Mapping directions   Full   Full  Limited
 Tools   Full   Full  Limited
 Planner  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Dashboard  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Gantt Chart  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Ideation Templates  Yes  Yes  No
 Relationship Lines  Yes  Yes  No
 Auto Paste  Yes  Yes  No
 Sticky Notes  Yes  Yes  No
 Resource  Yes  Yes  No
 Flow Chart  Yes  Yes  No

Academic version is available for $39.

  • Same version as MindMapper 17 Arena
  • Need validation: send us an email form school account or scanned ID or other documents showing status as a student or staff.
  • Once validated a purchase link is sent
  • Eligible: students, faculty, staff, and academic institutions