How to use affinity diagram

Japanese anthropologist Kawakita Jiro in the 1960s developed affinity diagram as a way to organize overwhelming ideas and information. Affinity diagram is a convenient tool to use after a successful brainstorming session which left you with great many ideas that are scattered and non-connected.

The key to using this tool is by organizing these scattered ideas by their running themes, patterns, or categories.  By grouping these ideas, you are making it easier for you brain to process information.

How to use affinity diagram

  1. Go to Ideation tab and click Brainstorming. Write ideas on the sticky notes.
  2. Sort ideas into groups with similar themes, attributes, properties or anything that is relatable. Note that all ideas may not fit into any groups.
  3. Come up with a short title for the group which describes the essence of similarities. This title is basically a description of a category.

    How to group ideas

    1. Select the topics that belong within a group
    2. Press Shift key and click on the empty background.
    3. Add name that describes the group best.

      Note: Group topic will show up depending on where you click on the back ground.
  4. After it’s grouped, you can attach the group to the main map.