Upgrade Guidelines

All desktop upgrades must go through verification process where you would need to input license information consisting of Name, Email, and Serial Number (and Registration Number for version 14 and below license holders). You must have this information in order to upgrade.

If you do not have this information, please contact us through Lost Key page.

MindMapper 16 users are eligible for free upgrade to MindMapper 17.
However, you must go through the upgrade purchase processto obtain the free license. Upgrade price for 16 to 17 is set to $0.00 in the shopping list.

Upgrade Path Products Upgrade Products
Free MindMapper 16 Arena MindMapper 17 Arena
MindMapper 16 Professional MindMapper 17 Professional
MindMapper 16 Academic and Below MindMapper 17 Academic
MindMapper 16, 14, 12 USB MindMapper 17 USB
Paid MindMapper 14 Arena MindMapper 17 Arena
MindMapper 14 Standard MindMapper 17 Arena
MindMapper 17 Professional
MindMapper 17 Standard
MindMapper 12 Professional/Arena MindMapper 17 Arena
MindMapper 12 Standard MindMapper 17 Arena
MindMapper 17 Professional
MindMapper 17 Standard
MindMapper 2009 Professional and Below MindMapper 17 Arena
MindMapper 2009 Standard and Below MindMapper 17 Arena
MindMapper 17 Professional
MindMapper 17 Standard

Once you have the license, download MindMapper 17 installation file from our website. When installing, it will ask if you want to delete the previously installed MindMapper program. Enter yes to delete the older version. When installation is finished, then you can activate the program with the new registration key-set.

Upgrade Procedure for Desktop License:

For upgrades, it is just like when you are buying a new MindMapper from MindMapper.com ecommerce site. For those with Free Upgrade path, the price will be set to $0.00.

  1. Go to Purchase page from our homepage and click Upgrades.
  2. After selecting your upgrade version, click Add to Basket.
  3. Fill out current license information and click Next. Please make sure that there is no hyphen or space in the serial number field.
    And make sure to enter Registration number after the serial number in the Serial # field for those who have 14 and below.

    If you have license information that has registrationnumber (version 14 and below), then you must input that number right after the serial number.
  4. Click Next after successful verification.
  5. Verify the price and product you are upgrading to and click Proceed to Registration.
  6. Fill out the required fields and click Submit Order.
  7. You will see order description and price. Free Upgrade will show price set to $0.00. Click Yes, I confirm my order to complete the upgrade process.
  8. Confirmation page will appear and you should have received emails with license information and invoice separately.
    Please copy and paste the license information to your computer for backup copy.

Upgrade Procedure for MindMapper 16, 14, 12 USB

For MindMapper 16, 14, 12USB users, you do not need to go through the purchase process


  • Upgrade to 17 USB involves replacing your existing USB program files with 17 program files
  • Upgrade installation file will only work with MindMapper 16, 14, and 12 USB flash drives. Simply copying the files to any USB flash drives will not work.
  1. Send us an email to help@mindmapper.com and tell us which version of USB you have and the USB number:
    Home>Help>About MindMapper> This product is licensed to

  2. We’ll send you the upgrade installation file with instruction.