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Upgrading from 21to 24

  • Click the UPGRADE button.
  • Send us an email with your MindMapper 21 license details. 
  • We’ll validate your current license and send you the instructions to upgrade. 
  • This method also applies to multiple license upgrades.  


"This upgrade key is not valid" error message

  • You must enter the correct email addresses that you used to purchase MindMapper 17.  Please try a few different email addresses that you may have used.

  • Also, the license key must not have any spaces and  must contain the dashes as shown on your license email.

I have older version than 17, how can I upgrade?

  • Unfortunately, you must contact us to upgrade from your current version to the latest version. 
  • We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Which versions are eligible for an upgrade?

Currently the following versions are eligible for upgrades. 

  • MindMapper 17
  • MindMapper 16
  • MindMapper 14

The new license key looks much different than before

We have recently added a different licensing format for MindMapper 21. Any users who have purchased or upgraded MindMapper 21 after May 17th, 2021, will see the new license format. The new license also requires the email address that you used at the checkout.

  • Email address
  • Key

I upgraded before 5/17/21, can I still use the license key to activate MindMapper 21?

Yes, you can still use the MindMapper 21 license key to activate your edition of MindMapper 21.

How many times can I activate the software?

You are allowed to activate up to 10 times on machines that belong to you.  Please email us if you reach your limit and need to reset the activation count.

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