MindMapper Use and Visual Thinking

MindMapper is more than just a mind mapping software.
It is a versatile visual mapping software that helps users create ideas, organize information, and implement plans.
There are many different ways it can be used to manage information, learn new subjects, plan projects, generate ideas, solve problems, conduct meetings, explore options, and collaborate.

5 Major Strength of Using MindMapper

  • Managing Information
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Ideation
  • Learning

For simplicity we have categorized how MindMapper can be used by visual thinking tool set to illustrate versatility of visual mapping software that can be applied to different aspects of information creation and management at home, work, and at school.

Visual Thinking Tools

Visual thinking is the process of organizing and understanding information presented in visual formats such as diagrams, charts, images, and graphics. Visual thinking plays a facilitating role in grasping complex concepts and difficult problems. This approach to thinking can greatly enhance learning, creativity and problem solving. And one of the visual thinking strategies is visual mapping.
Visual mapping is graphical representation of information in various formats such as mind map, concept map, process map, relationship diagram, organization chart, and flowchart. Use visual maps to best illustrate ideas in visual formats for better understanding and knowledge acquisition.

Tools for Creating

Fishbone Diagram
(Cause & Effect Diagram)
Radiant Association
Attribute Listing
Backward Reasoning
SWOT Analysis
Forced Connection

Tools for Organizing

Affinity Diagram
Tree Diagram
Process Map
Process Planning
Organization Chart
Interrelationship Diagraph
Concept Map

Tools for Implementing

Gantt Chart

Tools for Sharing

MS Office Conversion
Save to Different Formats
Mobile Apps