Visual Planner

3-in-1 visual thinking tool MindMapper meets Google Calendar.

3-in-1 MindMapper for Visual Thinking and Implementation
  • Capture and organize your thoughts in mapping mode
  • Implement and manage schedule in planner mode
  • Improve project management skills with bird’s-eye view your thoughts and schedule in dashboard mode
Google Calendar and Drive for Quick Scheduling and Map Storage
  • Planner syncs to Google Calendar
  • Able to manage schedule for each different project from the Google Calendar
  • Click an event from Google Calendar to view the linked project map
  • Sign-in with Google Account and use Google Drive to store maps

Are you a planner user who is frustrated that you cannot see the whole picture after jotting down information after information after information? Why not try MindMapper planner that lets you see the big picture.

MindMapper planner does all that a planner does and more. However, unlike the typical planner, it lets you input and see the information in both the parts and whole. Try MindMapper planner if you are currently using a paper planner or thinking of using a planner for the first time. It will change the way you view and implement plans.

  • Mange your aspirations, dreams, vision, and even mission with a single map
  • View and implement life and weekly plans in one view
  • Upgrade your simple schedule management to goal management

It’s time to combine your ideation skill with implementation skill using the revolutionary MindMapper planner.

Vision and Mission

Life Plan

Manage Schedule

Get a bird’s-eye view of your vision to weekly plans in a single master map.

Master Map

This is a new planning technique that maps out your dreams, hopes, life plans, and weekly and monthly plans in bird’s-eye view perspective. Come up with vision and mission based on your dreams and aspirations. Then create a life plan followed by yearly, monthly, and weekly plans to follow through. Sequentially following these steps will lead you to make an amazing discovery of the whole and parts coming together as one.

Master Map button is located on the top left of the Planner ribbon menu so that you can always click it to view your own master map any time.


Vision map must be made based on your own past and future, thoughts and experiences. Reference the vision map template to create your own vision and mission to be recorded in master map.

Life Plan

This is a long-term life planning part that covers 10 to 30 years from present time.

If you have completed the master map, then you can view the life plan as a part of the master map. Or if you’d like to focus on the life plan only, then you can create a Life Plan menu. Even if you have created a separate life plan map, you can still view the entire master map with a click of a button.

Annual Plan

Now that you have completed the life plan phase. Let’s focus on this year’s plan. Yearly plan is divided into months, and month is further divided into events, ideas, and projects. You can easily move tasks to be carried over to next month by simply moving the branch. However, it’s when you consistently manage tasks using categories such as events, ideas, and projects that you will come up with an effective yearly plan.


Project is the most important building block in managing your goals. Here you will set goals, come up with strategies, establish scope, and build a framework for the whole plan. Then the next step is to assign roles, tasks, and schedule to complete your plan. MindMapper facilitates turning your thoughts into successful results when you use it to plan and manage projects.

Diary and Information Management

Jot down daily thoughts in visual format. Convert them into MS Word document and you can make great book.

Use one map to list and manage passwords, websites, anniversaries, financial accounts, personal data, and such. Main benefit of MindMapper application is that you have a bird’s-eye view of information that you can manage and think about.