Visual Thinking with MindMapper

A study by the University of California, San Diego revealed that the average US citizen consumes 100,500 words via email, Social Networks or a myriad of other digital methods. This content overload often leaves us feeling like we are drowning in an unprecedented deluge of data.

Modern society now firmly resides in the digital age where our brains will often struggle to process the wealth of information. This often leaves many to wonder how we can continue to think straight and make sense of this constant bombardment.

Step forward the art of ‘Visual Thinking’ that allows users to organize their thoughts, ideas and notes to place them in a visual format that instantly removes the ubiquitous white noise that surrounds us all. The tool offers a holistic overview of business environments, infrastructure and problems to allow effortless prioritizing of tasks.

The Inventor of Mind Mapping is Tony Buzan, calls this concept the most powerful “thinking tool” of our times. While Tony himself is often described as “one of the most influential leaders in the field of thinking creatively.”

The very essence of visual thinking is to convert text-based information to images and text that illustrate concepts and the flow of ideas to provide much-needed clarity to almost any situation.
Our brains will process complex information much more quickly when displayed visually through the medium of drawings, diagrams, pictures or charts which also provides a powerful and memorable learning experience when presenting to other people.

However, the ability to effectively communicate new ideas and thought processes is not a dark art. It’s simply a method of taking existing information or ideas and organizing them into a visual and logical format to simplify even the most convoluted of subjects.

This approach is not all about organizing your ideas or concepts though; it can also be a fantastic enabler for unleashing creativity in brainstorming sessions, where everyone can effectively communicate their thought processes.

Visual thinking is a silver bullet of sorts that can organize thoughts, improve your ability to think and communicate more productively. When this concept is fully embraced, anyone can reap the benefits that come with this incredibly powerful tool.
The real power of this methodology is how it allows groups of people from engineers to designers to look at problems from a multitude of angles, before thinking outside of the box to provide alternative solutions.

The industry in which you work in whether it is law, science, management, technology or business is entirely irrelevant. The language of visualized thinking which concentrates on simplifying information is universal and is guaranteed to intrigue anyone who is curious by its possibilities.

Our very own product called, MindMapper is a visual information mapping and communication tool to help you to organize, review, collaborate, share, and communicate, and offer tangible benefits to all.

  • Students learn faster and more efficiently
  • Corporations drive projects and tasks faster to deliver on time
  • Organizations easily document and view countless reports and forms in visual format
  • Individuals manage their busy schedules and goals to become more productive
  • MindMapper is easy to learn and use, and enables users to capture, drive, and share ideas immediately

Once armed with what is arguably the most powerful tool for productivity, there is also the bonus of syncing to iOS and Android devices using Dropbox or even exporting to MS Office and various image formats.

Allowing complete freedom to drift from device to device without realizing, depending on your location or situation to pick up where you left off firmly puts you back in control of your destiny and that is the modern way.

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