What's NEW in MM24

Introducing Topic / Note Summary

Transform your extensive notes into clear, visual branches with ease.

Discover the essence of your notes with Topic/Branch Summary, our latest feature designed to declutter your thoughts and highlight what matters most. Just paste your lengthy notes into any branch, and with a simple highlight, watch as Topic/Note Summary creates individual topic branches for each keyword. Ideal for distilling long-winded content into its fundamental elements, this tool helps you to visualize and organize complex information swiftly. Navigate through the core concepts with our intuitive interface, and build a mind map that truly reflects the building blocks of your ideas. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to structured clarity where every keyword is a new pathway to understanding.

Enhanced visual positioning

Seamlessly guide your branches to their perfect spot with intuitive visual markers.

Navigate your mind map with ease using our Enhanced Visual Positioning. Vibrant markers and a dynamic cursor clearly indicate where to place branches, simplifying the organization of complex ideas. This intuitive guidance ensures precise branch placement, enhancing clarity and transforming your MindMap into a visually coherent masterpiece.

Enhanced Gantt Chart Clarity

Streamlined Viewing Experience

Dive into a clearer, more accessible Gantt chart and collaboration list pane, upgraded for effortless readability and user interaction.

Refined Auto-Numbering System

Targeted Organization

Enjoy the precision of auto-numbering for selected sub-topics, an enhancement from the broad-stroke numbering of entire maps.

Expanded Search Capabilities

Diverse Engine Integration

Elevate your research with the ability to execute topic searches across multiple engines, including Google, YouTube, and DuckDuckGo.

AI Topic Generator

Spark endless ideas with a click.

Unlock a world of ideas with our AI Topic Generator. Select a topic and set your desired number of suggestions — watch as our AI instantly crafts a diverse range of related topics. This tool is perfect for when you need a burst of inspiration or a comprehensive understanding of a subject. Fuel your creativity and expand your horizons with an endless stream of ideas, all at your command.

Top improved feature

Shareable Map URLs

Effortless Sharing with Auto-Expiry

Share your mind map instantly with a self-expiring web URL, functional for 10 days. Exported in HTML5, your maps are universally viewable in any browser. 

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